DNP is an acronym for “Doveriai, no Proveriai ”, the Russian phrase famously used by US President Ronald Reagan in 1987 when dealing with Mikhail Gorbachev of the Russian Communist Party. The phrase means: “Trust, but Verify ” and this is what DNP Marine Surveyors does.


We inspect, weigh and measure: from super yachts to ocean going merchantmen, to 8′ wooden prams, blue water, muddy water, salvage in Bella Bella, a sinking at the Pacific end of Port Alberni Inlet, marine structures, dry bulk on the Mississippi, penstocks to Bute, steel at Fraser Surrey Docks, motor yachts and sailing craft all over the place, fishing trawlers in Campbell River…no matter where it is, here or foreign…if DNP Marine Surveyors has the experience to handle it then we can, and if DNP doesn’t have the capacity or the specialization, then we will promptly direct you to the experienced professional who does.


DNP Marine Surveyor services extend to inspecting, measuring, weighing and reporting. We are correspondents, collectors of evidence, expert witness in arbitrations and the courts, observers, owner’s representatives and agents.


DNP Surveyors are experienced, discrete and thorough.



Our DNP Guiding Principle

"Trust...But Verify"

Prior to establishing his marine business in 1977, Tim Ellis was employed by a European shipping and forwarding agent, working in offices in London, Vienna and Hong Kong. Tim gained useful experience in commercial, operations, accounting, management and analysis departments...as well as training in container operations, packing, elements of risk management, truck management for European operations and shipments of all kinds worldwide through the company's deep sea break-bulk and liner services. In the summer of '76 while still in Hong Kong, Tim joined the Hong Kong Outward Bound School as the 2nd. seamanship instructor.


Later, after moving from Hong Kong to Taipei, Taiwan, Tim provided marine surveying and project management services for new building construction of sailing yachts and powerboats for American clients importing yachts from Taiwan into the United States, as well as offering commercial marine surveying services to established clients, particularly in the arena of risk and risk management. Plan A was to stay in Taiwan for a while followed by a long sojourn in Australia, but love and work interfered with this plan. After ten years in Taipei, Tim and his wife took a sabbatical in the UK before emigrating to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, arriving in 1993.


Since 1993, Tim has been based in Vancouver, B.C. and provides services for cargo, project management, transport consultancy, ocean going vessels, commercial craft including floating and fixed structures, risk management and control, valuations, survey of motor yachts, cruising sailboats, floating homes and other marine surveying related services.


Tim started sailing with his father long before he was a teenager and has raced and cruised in dinghies and yachts all over the world. Even after all that water under his keel, he still enjoys sailing, rowing, boatbuilding and time with his wife at their waterfront camp located on a remote island on the western fringes of Desolation Sound.

Small Dall's porpoise breaching in front of Tim's remote waterfront camp

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